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Akkhor is a beautiful piece of bangla software. By this software you can easily write Bangla.

Akkhor Word Processor

With this Word Processor you can-

  • Type Bangla phonetically. As example if you write “bangla” then you will see it in bangla language.

  • Use any bangla keyboard layout Or You can make your own keyboard layout.

  • Write bangla by mouse click.

  • Type Arabic language also.

  • You can convert any texts to picture directly. So no problem to display bangla when you send this mail to anyone.


  • With this Translator You can translate english to bengali language!

Keyboard Manager

  • This software will work through system wide. So you can easily type bangla everywhere in Windows [eg:MS Word, Excel, Wordpad, Google etc.


  • You can convert your documents to Unicode format.

Bangla Calendar

  • In this Bangla Calendar You will get a complete bangla and english lifetime calendar.

Bangla Type Tutor

  • By this software you can learn to type bangla in any keyboard you want.

Bangla Reader

  • This Bangla Reader will read your Bengali Texts.

Bangla Multimedia Player

  • In this multimedia player You can see playlists in bangla.