Our Portfolios

UNDL Foundation

UNL is a computer language that enables computers to process information and knowledge. It is designed to replicate the functions of natural languages. Using UNL, people can describe all information and knowledge conveyed by natural languages for computers.


Social networking service for students to share their learning materials, notes, etc. It lets the user chat with peers about the interests you share. A place to a collaborative learning experience, and enjoy connecting with friends.

Tokyo Soft

Dynamic Website of a Japanese company named Tokyo Soft.


Social networking service for musicians. It enables them to connect with their fans by organizing donation drive or secret shows, etc.


It is a restaurant management site where any one can search different restaurants. It offers online menu of the shop that is not likely surprisingly far. And any one can see the menu of the shop anytime, anywhere.

E-Education Solution

We partnered with BacBon Foundation to create the first Bangladeshi Massive Open Online Courses (www.bmooc.net). We developed an online based educational site where anyone can learn through video tutorials and lessons. It follows the educational curriculum of Bangladesh, and it includes a chat system to enable communication among the users.

Online Judge

Online judge is a programming contest site in bangla. Any one can participate in this contest and it is begin from basic Or you can submit your problem.

International Mother Language Day

This is official site for International Mother Language Day. You can find information about International Mother Language Day, and any one can submit anything about International Mother Language Day by registering this site.

Android One

The world's favorite features, all the latest apps, and hardware are tuned for this Android. Android 4.4 is running on KitKat and it will get a newer version soon after it's released. Though Android One will be improved over a period of two months or a year.